Friday, May 2, 2008

Every Gentleman Has His Fix

Every cycling Gentleman enjoys going to the Velodrome to watch the races. The speed, the competition, the cigars, the gambling, the women in their Sunday best--a lovely day of cycling.

But a Gentleman observes the spectacle from the finest seats in the house. He does not race himself. The Gentleman never breaks a sweat.

But the Gentleman also lusts after the racing bike. The Gentleman has a libido. The Gentleman is a human being. And some track bikes are undeniably beautiful. The Gentleman is a steward of beautiful things, a collector of art.

The Gentleman is not a codger. Sometimes he can take off his tie and take a little beauty like this one for a spin around the block. The Gentleman is a sporting man, who appreciates life's finer pleasures. He enjoys exercise and stretching his muscles.

A Gentleman admires the fixed gear racing bike for its simplicity, its speed, and its beauty. Like a gazelle that the Gentleman has hunted, he hangs the racer on his wall and can always remember his younger, faster days. Anyone can tell you that a track bike is meant to be admired, not ridden.

The Gentleman has nothing against fixed gears bicycles per se, and in fact he loves them for their silent grace. He knows that the Gentleman of yore rode on fixed gear models before the advent of the freewheel. A Gentleman embraces simple technological luxuries like the freewheel.

Fine example of an early fixed-gear Gentleman's Bike. Notice the triple sprung leather saddle, the double top tube, the long swept-back bars, the toolbag, the pump and the headlight. All it needs is a chain case!

The fixed gear racer is a thing of beauty, but is not practical for the Gentleman's every day needs. The Gentleman does not like his bottom in the air and his face to the pavement. The Gentleman cannot have his legs spinning out of control as he descends a hill. It is uncouth. The Gentleman leaves the gymnastics to the gymnasts.

The Gentleman NEVER rolls on Deep Vs. The Gentleman knows that flashy colored rims, top tube pads, mismatched wheels and spoke cards are in poor taste, the stuff of loud-mouthed punks.

A particularly dreadful bicycle.

The Gentleman's fixed gear bicycle has class.
A gorgeous fixed gear cargo cycle from FastBoy.

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Alexander said...

hey, just wanted to share my latest design with u guys.

its a german karzentra frame which i found on a junk yard. the picture speaks for itself