Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bikes? Rubbish!

The people of Bikes? Rubbish! ride some funky bicycles with long skateboards attached to the back, but the Gentleman appreciates their good photography, cycling philosophy and personal style. Stylish young couples like these look great in photographs and the Gentleman encourages other beautiful people to photograph themselves enjoying their bicycles without sweating.

These two are wedding photographers, and therefore appear to be living life in a permanent wedding-photo state, which is how life always appears through the freewheeling Gentleman's eyes. The pure elation of coasting down a country road with your love to buy a bottle of fine wine rivals the joy and excitement of few things in life, weddings coming close.

The Gentleman particularly loves "Sarah's Commuter Bike."

and this excerpt:

Why do you ride bikes?

1. There's no better way to feel like a kid again
2. It slows life way down
2. It's great exercise(easy or hard-you pick)
3. It's a romantic way to spend time with the one you love
4. It's better for the environment
5. We sail right on by the fuel pump
6. We don't sit in traffic

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